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Welcome to Global Syn-Turf, your premier choice for artificial grass solutions in Virginia. We understand that Virginia residents face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn due to the state's varying climate and environmental factors. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of turf products and services designed to address the specific needs of Virginia homeowners.

Our commitment to providing top-quality turf products at direct-from-manufacturer prices ensures that residents in Virginia can enjoy a stunning and hassle-free lawn transformation without breaking the bank. We take pride in offering PSFA-free turf products, which not only contribute to the lush greenery of your landscape but also prioritize the well-being of your loved ones and pets.

Virginia's climate can be unpredictable, with hot and humid summers, occasional droughts, and sometimes harsh winters. Global Syn-Turf's artificial grass is engineered to thrive in these conditions, offering year-round greenery that requires minimal maintenance. Our professional installation services are designed to provide quick and efficient results, making your lawn makeover a seamless process.

Whether you reside in one of Virginia's bustling urban areas or the serene suburbs, our turf products are versatile and suitable for various applications. From residential lawns to commercial spaces, our solutions cater to all your landscaping needs. Say goodbye to the challenges of natural grass and embrace the beauty and durability of artificial turf.

Experience the difference of Global Syn-Turf in Virginia and discover how our artificial grass solutions can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space, all while saving you time, money, and effort on lawn care. Contact us today to explore our range of turf products and embark on a journey to transform your landscape.

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Artificial Grass: the Best of Virginia

Global Syn-Turf offers an extensive selection of over seventy premium artificial grass varieties suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Our synthetic turf solutions are ideal for a wide range of uses, including lawns, landscapes, sports fields, putting greens, playgrounds, rooftops, patios, decks, pet areas, clinics, and hotels.

Serving the state of Virginia, Global Syn-Turf has established itself as the top choice for large-scale projects, commercial spaces, and enhancing the greenery in low-traffic areas of your property. The beauty of artificial grass lies in its minimal maintenance requirements, as it eliminates the need for mowing and watering. Our top-tier synthetic turf boasts exceptional durability and a lifelike appearance, backed by industry-leading warranties. With a 10-year manufacturer warranty and an expected lifespan of up to 20 years with regular use, our synthetic grass is a long-term investment.

Whether you're dealing with challenging-to-grow areas, slopes, pet-friendly zones, non-play areas, or commercial landscapes, our synthetic turf offers an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution. Contact us today, and our knowledgeable specialists will guide you in selecting the perfect synthetic grass style for your specific needs, addressing any questions you may have along the way. Make the right choice with Global Syn-Turf for a greener, low-maintenance future.

Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Artificial Grass of Virginia

Cutting-edge Fiber Technology

Cutting-edge fiber technology goes beyond the ordinary with over eleven distinct blade designs. Kool-max, Fresh Cut, and Flo-Rite-Thru technologies aren't just choices; they represent a fusion of performance, aesthetics, and sensory experience. Whether it's the realistic appearance, texture, or even the scent, our synthetic turf manufacturing incorporates a spectrum of advanced technologies to create a truly unmatched product.

Unbeatable Manufacturer's Prices

Our extensive product lineup includes over 40 options, with pricing starting at under $1 per square foot. Take advantage of our everyday offers, introductory pricing, and exclusive holiday sales to unlock immediate savings amounting to thousands of dollars. Additionally, our products play a pivotal role in supporting water conservation initiatives wherever they are deployed.

Immediate Shipping

Distinguished by our commitment to customer satisfaction, we maintain an extensive inventory of synthetic grass products, setting us apart from the majority of suppliers in the United States. This enables us to offer swift, same-day or next-day shipping, as well as convenient pickup options. In fact, our warehouse in San Diego is accessible for pickups from Monday to Friday. Additionally, we can accommodate local deliveries upon request, ensuring your convenience.

Professional Service

In search of top-tier products, cutting-edge tools and technology, competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and exceptional customer support? Our committed team is here to assist you in streamlining your project, ultimately helping you conserve valuable time, resources, and budget by ensuring a seamless and efficient process every step of the way.

Environmentally friendly

Saves more than 1,000,000 gallons of water a year!

Global Syn-Turf Artificial Grass of Virginia is dedicated to being 100% environmentally friendly. Our synthetic turf products eliminate the need for water. It also omits the need for chemicals that seep into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc.) We recommend installing artificial grass with eco-friendly, organic infill material.


Passes all UV, lead, and safety tests!

Safety is always our number one priority at Global Syn-Turf of Virginia. All of our products have undergone years of extensive research and development. Most importantly, all Global Syn-Turf products are 100% lead and latex free!

15-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Global Syn-Turf in the state of Virginia offers the best artificial grass in the world. All our Synthetic Grass products are GUARANTEED TO LAST! We stand behind our products and offer the best 15 year warranty in the industry!

No Watering, Mowing or Weeding

Think of time you could save for enjoyable ventures if you didn’t have to waste hours mowing, watering, weeding, and fertilizing your lawn. Installing artificial grass requires zero maintenance and looks great year-round. The attraction of great looking lawn is quickly catching on, making synthetic grass become one of the most popular products in landscaping. Say no to edging, mowing, and watering your lawn! You don't have to worry about harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and weed control. In states where drought or water shortages are prevalent, home and business owners fall in love with the year round lush yard and low upkeep that realistic synthetic grass creates for their home.

Pet Friendly

Our extremely durable, pet-friendly Pet Grass series artificial grass for dogs is the most attractive way to secure a comfortable, safe, odor-free environment for your family and pets. Ideal drainage is created with your pets in mind and takes care of unpleasant odors. No more muddy paws and brown spots. Precisely designed and engineered for pet use, the Global Syn-Turf series for dogs features uniquely treated polyethylene, making it practically impossible to stain or discolor. Dogs can’t chew or dig through it. Organic infills are non-toxic to your pets, while allowing urine to drain right through, making it perfect grass for dogs. With our pet grass system, you and your pet can have a beautiful lawn.

Expertly Designed Blades

While artificial turf may appear straightforward, there's more to it than meets the eye. Have you ever considered the variety of blade shapes available? Our meticulously crafted blades can provide distinct aesthetics and textures, significantly enhancing the results of your project.

At Global Syn-Turf, Inc., we manufacture monofilament turf fibers in an array of shapes, each serving a unique purpose and yielding different visual effects for your lawn. Get in touch with us to discover the ideal choice for your needs!